Aug 042017

Please take note that effective immediately there are changes to the office contact information, as outlined below.

Phone: 418-680-2163


Physical Office: 80 Gerald D. Levesque, New Carlisle (The Anchor)

Mailing address: 40 Mountsorrel, New Carlisle, Qc, G0C 1Z0 (Board Office)

Mar 072017

The following applications should be submitted to ESSB by the dates indicated below.

April 1st to ESSB:


April 15th to your principal:


Within 5 days of job postings to ESSB:


Aug 252016

In accordance with article 4-3.00 of the current ESSB-ESTA local agreement, the school council is an important element for the proper functioning of a school: “4-3.01 The teachers of a school shall contribute to the pedagogical and disciplinary administration of that school through the operation of a school council.” Here is what our local agreement outlines in terms of the timing for the creation of this group: “4-3.04 At a staff meeting held within the first three working days of the school year, the staff shall elect the members of the school council for the current school year. Failing this, the school council will be elected at the first staff meeting of the new school year.”

At these meetings, I recommend that the teachers also elect their school/centre union representatives. According to ESTA’s constitution, each school/centre should appoint one union delegate. However, if the school/centre has a member of the ESTA executive on staff, then he/she must also act as the school/centre’s union delegate. In the latter case, no election is necessary.

Each appointed union delegate for the 2016-2017 school year should communicate their appointment with the ESTA office as soon as possible, preferably by email. The names of the school council representatives do no need to be communicated to the ESTA office.

Aug 162016

The Federal Liberal Government introduced a tax deduction for the purchase of school materials by teachers. So this year, remember to keep copies of receipts for any items that you purchase in connection with teaching and preparing your classroom for the new school year — they may be useful when you file your annual income tax!

For more information concerning eligible, tax-deductable expenses, please visit the Canada Revenue Agency’s website:


Aug 162016

We sincerely hope that all teachers have had an enjoyable and restful summer break. ESTA would like to wish all teachers a successful and rewarding 2016-2017 academic year. As a reminder, here are the dates that youth sector teachers will return to work:

  • August 22: Baie Comeau, New Richmond, New Carlisle, Shigawake-Port Daniel, Gaspe Polyvalent, Gaspe Elementary, Belle Anse
  • August 24: Riverview, Fermont, Queen Elizabeth, Flemming
  • August 25: Escuminac, Grosse Ile, Metis Beach, Evergreen, St. Patrick’s
Feb 222016

Please be aware of the following important dates for ESSB teachers:

  • April 1: deadline for teachers to request progressive retirement plans
  • April 1: deadline for teachers to request sabbatical leaves
  • April 1: deadline to request leaves of absences without pay (partial or full-time) for 2016-2017. (NB. Teachers who do not renew their LOA are assumed to be returning full-time.)
  • A teacher requesting a re-evaluation of schooling for advancement in step on the salary scale must provide the documents before this date.
  • April 15: Teachers inform the school administration of their assignment preferences for the following school year.
Apr 082015

According to the Eastern Shores School Board and Eastern Shores Teachers Association local agreement’s clause 5-21.11 (d), teachers must inform the school administration of their assignment preferences for the following school year by April 15. Remember to exercise your right in writing by submitting your request to your administrator. Your administrator must respond to your request in writing. In the event that your request is denied, your administrator must give a reason why your request cannot be filled.

Nov 282014

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 10.57.05 PMJoin me at the Refuse Austerity! demonstration on Saturday, November 29th

Only in large numbers can we show the Government our determination to reject its austerity measures, reforms and laws that threaten the quality and accessibility of our public services. Specifically as teachers, these measures have an impact on our upcoming contract negotiations.

I encourage you to come join me tomorrow. The quality of our public services are at stake.

Here are the details:

Start: Place du Canada @1:00 pm
End: Close to 2001 McGill College, office of the Premier

QPAT members will meet at Dorchester Square on the corner of René-Lévesque and Peel between 12 and 1 p.m. There will be several groups present, so make sure to look out for the QPAT flags near this area. The march begins at 1 p.m.

For more info, visit

Looking forward to seeing you there!

In solidarity,

Ray Venables
ESTA President


Joignez-vous à moi lors de la manifestation Refusons l’austérité!, demain le samedi 29 novembre

Ce n’est qu’en nous unissant en grand nombre que nous pourrons montrer au gouvernement notre détermination à rejeter ses mesures, réformes et loi d’austérité qui menacent la qualité et l’accessibilité de nos services publics. Plus particulièrement, à titre d’enseignantes et d’enseignants, ces mesures ont un impact sur les négociations imminentes de la convention collective.

Je vous encourageons à vous joindre à moi demain. La qualité de nos services publics est en jeu.

Voici les détails :

Départ : Place du Canada à 13 h
Arrivée : Près du 2001, avenue McGill College, bureau du premier ministre

Les membres de l’APEQ se rencontreront au square Dorchester, à l’angle de René-Lévesque et de Peel (voir la carte ci-jointe) entre 12 h et 13 h. Comme il y aura plusieurs groupes présents, repérez les drapeaux de l’APEQ pour nous retrouver. La marche débutera à 13 h.

Pour en savoir plus, visitez le site

J’espère vous y voir!


Ray Venables

Jun 302012

Dear teachers:

I’d like to wish you all a restful and well-earned summer vacation. I hope that you will take this time to recharge your batteries and come back energized and ready for a new year of challenges.

I’d also like to remind you of your contractual obligations according to clause 5-1.23 of our local agreement: “The teacher must inform the board in writing of any change of address or telephone number.” This is especially important since we are expecting some back pay as of the 141st teaching day (roughly April 1st) as a result of a high GDP (reference: Collective Agreement clause 6-4.03 c). Obviously, the school board can’t pay you if you’ve moved away and you haven’t provided your current contact information.

Have a good summer break!