Sep 012017

#1 Your timetable is a legal document. Once you have signed it, you must follow it. That means arriving at school before you are scheduled to start and staying until the end of your WPN, unless you have an agreement to the contrary with your principal.

#2 It is up to you to choose where you place your, Work of a Personal Nature (WPN) on your timetable. Sometimes your principal needs to place some during the school day, because you can’t have any empty spaces during the day. You can place your WPN before and after school, or at lunchtime if your lunch is longer than 50 minutes. If your principal has already placed your WPN on your timetable, you may ask to move it.

#3 When you look at your timetable, do your best to have the total number of minutes each day be as close as possible to 384. This will ensure that if you are sick or take a Personal day you will not be deducted more than a full day.

#4  Always make sure that you check your schedule before signing it. Make sure that you are not teaching more than the maximum number of minutes per cycle, see below.

Maximum number of Teaching minutes per cycle:

5 day cycle 1380 minutes
6 day cycle 1656 minutes
9 day cycle 2484 minutes

5 day cycle 1200 minutes
6 day cycle 1440 minutes
9 day cycle 2160 minutes

#5  Assigned Presence (ct) is time where you are assigned to be in the building, but are NOT with students. Your administrator chooses when this time is and can assign you tasks which are related to your teaching duties.

#6 Maximum class sizes range depending on both the grade level that you teach, the school you teach in and the number of special needs students that you have with codes, for full details on the weighting of coded students check with your school’s union representative. Certain schools have lower maximum class sizes because they are a disadvantaged school, these schools are Belle Anse, SPDS, Riverview, Grosse Ile, Gaspe Elementary, Escuminac, St. Pat’s and Flemming. The maximum numbers for each grade level are on the ESTA website.

#7 Supervision of students is a necessary part of your workload, even if it’s not your favourite thing! You cannot be assigned more than 100 minutes per day, unless you request to do so. Overall the total number of minutes for the cycle depends on the number of minutes your have assigned to teaching, remediation and home room.

#8 Take some time to get to know your coworkers right now. They can be a great sounding board, a friendly shoulder to cry on or a wonderful person to vent with. There will be ups and downs throughout the year and a good support system makes those rough days easier. It also never hurts to have someone’s ideas to “steal”!

#9 Teaching is an amazing profession, full of people who are extremely dedicated to learning and of course our students. Many people give far more than what is required. However, in order to give your students your best, you need to be at your best. Work/life balance is extremely important! Make sure you take time for yourself, eat right, exercise and get a goodnight’s sleep. This will enable you to be at your best!

#10 In order to help things run smoothly in schools, committees are part of our professional responsibilities. Consider joining School Council, Governing Board or your school Special Education Parity Committee (SEPC.) This is a great opportunity to have your voice heard and make some of the decisions about how the school runs.

Have a wonderful year!

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