Oct 232012
The PIC committee met today and created the 2012-2013 PIC Policy Kit.
It is important that teachers pay particular attention to page 6 of this year’s policy kit since there have been some changes made to who is eligible to apply for PIC funding. The amount of funding for this year is the same as last year except there is now a $1500 maximum limit.
Coincidentally, I just leaned today that the annual QPAT Convention Program is now available on QPAT’s website here. Any teacher who wishes to attend this Convention must remember the following important points:
  • Teachers must have their school/centre administrator sign their authorization to travel before they leave
  • Teachers must preserve their nametags as proof of attendance and submit them to ESSB with their expense claims
  • Teachers should register quickly if they intend on attending any pre-Convention activities
  • Teachers should be encouraged to attend the keynote speaker, Mr. Josh Freed
  • And teachers have the stamina, the Thursday night social is increasingly popular and fun to boot!
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