The Eastern Shores Teachers Association represents the teachers in the Eastern Shores School Board. ESTA represents a small, close-knit group of teachers that are spread out in one of the largest territories in Quebec. In our small schools, teachers sometimes feel isolated by the distance that seperates us. But ESTA teachers are much like the lighthouse that is our union’s logo: we are solitary beacons for future generations and provide a guiding light.

Aims of the Association (per ESTA Constitution)

  1. To provide the membership with the facilities to promote and safeguard their professional status, working conditions, and salaries.
  2. To provide the membership with a means for communication, cooperation, and consultation with other teacher organizations in the province of Quebec.


ESTA Office
155 rue Mgr Ross Ouest
Chandler, QC
G0C 1K0
Phone (418) 680-2163
Fax (800) 517-3024
Email esta@globetrotter.net
Ray Venables, President
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