Oct 302011

The PIC committee met for the first time this school year last Thursday. At this meeting the following items were dealt with:

  1. The 2011-2012 PIC Policy Kit is available; the good news is that PIC funds are healthy and teachers will receive the same amounts as last year for their professional development. Teachers are reminded to send their authorization to travel as soon as possible (especially if they intend to attend the annual QPAT convention in November). Please don’t forget to indicate from which plan you wish to benefit (i.e. A, B or C). For those who will attend the QPAT convention, you will need to submit your name tag as proof of attendance.
  2. One important change to this year’s PIC Policy Kit is the condition that PIC monies cannot be combined with any other type of funding (e.g. NANS, PDIG, etc).
  3. If a teacher intends to take credit courses, remember that this request must be made in advance (see annex III of the current kit).
Aug 232011

Dear teachers,

I hope that you enjoyed your summer and are looking forward to another school year! Getting back to school is a mix of emotions: the feeling of excitement for new challenges ahead mixed with the feeling of nostalgia for the freedom of summer. Your students share these same emotions and their curiosity is at its height in September (e.g. Who will I sit net to? What is my new teacher like? Who will I go to the prom with? What extra-curricular activity will I try this year?).

I wish you a successful school year and, as Jack Layton said, let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic,