Feb 012015

The current ideology of austerity embraced by this government is meant to undo Quebec’s social infrastructures. The Government’s offer to Quebec’s teachers in this round of negotiations serves to prove that. Here are some points from their sectorial offer deposited on Dec 16, 2014.

A major increase in the number of students per class:

  • Return to the ratios of fifteen years ago, adding an average of two to five students per class, often more, with the possibility of eleven more in some cases!
  • For schools in economically disadvantaged areas, a return to the same ratio as other schools
  • Abolition of average class sizes: only the maximum number of students will be respected
  • Addition of five reasons to legally justify exceeding the maximum number of students per class

More students with special needs in each class:

  • Elimination of weighting of students with special needs in making up a class (a priori weighting)
  • Elimination of the definitions of various learning difficulties which identified students in order to help them better

Significant attacks on teacher workload:

  • Increase in presence time at school from 32 to 35 hours a week to be assigned by administration (no more time for personal work for preparation and correcting)
  • Elimination of progressive entry for preschool and addition of the possibility to form multilevel groups between kindergarten and Grade One
  • Abolition of the 50 km limit to transfer a teacher (in the context of school board fusions)

Significant attacks on professional autonomy:

  • Professional improvement prescribed by the employer
  • Imposition of specific teaching methods

Elimination of a minimum number of jobs in technical education and adult education

No more obligation to respect the recall list

This is only a glimpse of the nightmare! It’s clear that students and teachers will suffer from this.

Together, let’s tell the government that these offers are unacceptable!

Please add your voices to the online petition by following this link:


Feb 252012

In the light of recent developments, Education International (EI) has decided to issue a new appeal calling on its member organizations to urge the Bahraini authorities to immediately release on bail Mahdi ‘Issa Mahdi Abu Dheeb, President of the Bahraini Teachers Association (BTA), whose health condition is deteriorating.
In partnership with LabourStart, EI launched a new online campaign that has already generated over 7000 messages since 26 January. We call on you to take action now on the LabouStart website and to give visibility to the campaign by recommending it on your website and your Facebook account:

May 092010

Now that April’s Action Plan has ended, you may be wondering what is planned for the month of May?  As we get farther and farther away from the end of our last, decreed contract (March 31st), it is important to keep the pressure on the Government and its negotiators so that we can reach a negotiated settlement.

Last Tuesday, the QPAT Board of Directors met and discussed its future action plan in order to move negotiations forward and to support the Common Front.  The ESTA executive will be discussing the proposed action and will contact union reps sometime this week.

Nobody wants a strike, but it’s increasingly looking like this could be a possibility at some point.  At the QPAT table the possibility of seeking a strike mandate is being discussed. Have no fear however since teachers will be consulted beforehand.

May 052010

During the month of April, teachers have extended one of the students’ recess periods by 10 minutes in schools across the province to show that they have been without a contract since March 31, 2010 and to show their discontent because the last Collective Agreement was decreed by the Charest Government.  (The extended recess was fully supervised by teachers.)

Although some school boards decided to look the other way and to allow teachers to show their discontent, other school boards decided to act swiftly and harshly.  The following is an open letter to the President of QESBA and the Directors General of Quebec English School Boards sent by QPAT and supported by all of its local unions to demand that the letters of warning and reprimand in teachers’ files be rescinded.