May 012013

The first round of teaching job postings (revised) has been published on the Eastern Shores School Board’s website here. So far, only part-time and full-time contracts have been advertised. All interested parties must apply before the May 7, 2013 deadline.

A second round of job postings for replacement contracts is expected to become available shortly after the May 7 deadline. Please visit the ESSB’s website frequently for information about future jobs.

Teachers are strongly encouraged to apply during the first round of job postings. They will still be eligible to apply for replacement contracts during the second round of job postings.

Jan 242013

Once again this year, ESTA is proud to invite high school students to apply for a scholarship to be used towards their post-secondary studies. Students must be in their final year of a school in the Eastern Shores School Board’s territory and have the intention of continuing their studies.

It is important to note that there has been a small change this year. Because of the large number of applicants last year, applicants are asked to submit their 2011-2012 transcripts to help the committee make its decision when distributing scholarships. More information about the program can be found online here and application forms can be found online here.

On behalf of the teachers who make up the Eastern Shores Teachers Association, I would like to wish all applicants good luck in their current and future studies.