Aug 162016

We sincerely hope that all teachers have had an enjoyable and restful summer break. ESTA would like to wish all teachers a successful and rewarding 2016-2017 academic year. As a reminder, here are the dates that youth sector teachers will return to work:

  • August 22: Baie Comeau, New Richmond, New Carlisle, Shigawake-Port Daniel, Gaspe Polyvalent, Gaspe Elementary, Belle Anse
  • August 24: Riverview, Fermont, Queen Elizabeth, Flemming
  • August 25: Escuminac, Grosse Ile, Metis Beach, Evergreen, St. Patrick’s
Aug 202013

On behalf of ESTA, I would like to wish all teachers — both new and returning — a successful academic 2013-2014 year! The calendars for the youth, adult and vocational education sectors are available online here.


  1. According to clause 4-3.04 of the ESSB-ESTA Local Agreement, “At a staff meeting held within the first three working days of the school year, the staff shall elect the members of the school council for the current school year. Failing this, the school council will be elected at the first staff meeting of the new school year.”
  2. At this time, the union delegate should be appointed as implied by clause 4-3.03 of the ESSB-ESTA Local Agreement. Please forward the name of the union delegate for your school/centre to the ESTA office.


Ray Venables

Aug 232011

Dear teachers,

I hope that you enjoyed your summer and are looking forward to another school year! Getting back to school is a mix of emotions: the feeling of excitement for new challenges ahead mixed with the feeling of nostalgia for the freedom of summer. Your students share these same emotions and their curiosity is at its height in September (e.g. Who will I sit net to? What is my new teacher like? Who will I go to the prom with? What extra-curricular activity will I try this year?).

I wish you a successful school year and, as Jack Layton said, let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic,