Nov 272012

QPAT has produced a summary document on the provisions of Bill 56 (Law 19) and QPAT’s recommendations. This print document has been sent to schools and has been posted on the QPAT website in both English and French.

Stay tuned! Pedagogical resources are currently being produced to support teachers and schools in the fight against violence and bullying.

Oct 212012

The Quebec Provincial Association of Teachers has lent its support to the Every Teacher project, a national study designed to identify and make widely available the collective expertise that exists among Canadian teachers on inclusive education practices for sexual and gender minority students. This study will enable us to learn what educators think about the climate of Canada’s schools for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, Two Spirit, or questioning (LGBTQ) students; which approaches to inclusion of these students seem to work, and in what contexts, and which don’t; what supports educators in doing this work, and what holds us back. Results will be made widely available throughout the school system.

Completing the Every Teacher survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes. Participation is possible between October 11 and mid-February 2013, but we encourage members to participate as soon as possible in order to reduce the need for follow-up reminders.

All members of teacher organizations are encouraged to participate, including education assistants, counselors, and teachers with administrative responsibilities.

Members and other educators who have not received an emailed invitation can request one by contacting the research team Members can also request an invitation by contacting

Every teacher organization in English Canada has enthusiastically agreed to support this project. QPAT is proud to be among them. Teachers across the country are moving strongly to improve school climate for LGBTQ students; students with LGBTQ parents; heterosexual students who are also homophobically bullied; and the 58% of heterosexual students who are distressed by homophobic elements of school culture. The Every Teacher project team is led by Dr. Catherine Taylor at The University of Winnipeg in partnership with The Manitoba Teachers’ Society. The project is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Apr 012012

DayofPink is the International Day against Bullying, Discrimination, Homophobia and Transphobia in schools and communities. All educators are invited to celebrate diversity by wearing a pink shirt and by organizing activities in their schools on April 11, 2012. Go to to register for your chance to win. Go to for ideas on how to celebrate diversity all year long. (Thank you to Julie Montpetit of QPAT-APEQ for sharing this information.)