Jun 202016

The 2015-2020 collective agreement between QPAT and the CPNCA was signed June 16, 2016.

It provides for retroactivity on salary.

This retroactivity will be paid before September 30, 2016 for those employed during the 2015-2016 school year. Those who only worked during the 2014-2015 school year will be paid retroactivity fifteen days after those who worked the 2015-2016 school year are paid.


La convention collective 2015-2020 liant l’APEQ et le CPNCA a été signée le 16 juin 2016.

Elle prévoit une rétroactivité sur les clauses salariales.

Cette rétroactivité sera payée avant le 30 septembre 2016 pour les personnes qui étaient à l’emploi durant l’année scolaire 2015-2016. Pour les personnes qui étaient à l’emploi durant l’année scolaire 2014-2015 seulement la rétroactivité sera payée dans les 15 jours suivant le paiement des personnes à l’emploi en 2015-2016.

Apr 052011


This afternoon, the 2010-2015 Collective Agreement was signed. This achievement was made possible by QPAT’s negotiation team and you, the teachers who supported them during the process.

QPAT will be sending information to teachers soon regarding changes to salary and parental leaves.

Please note that there will not be any print copies of the new Collective Agreement. The new text will be posted on the CPNCA website tomorrow.

May 092010

Now that April’s Action Plan has ended, you may be wondering what is planned for the month of May?  As we get farther and farther away from the end of our last, decreed contract (March 31st), it is important to keep the pressure on the Government and its negotiators so that we can reach a negotiated settlement.

Last Tuesday, the QPAT Board of Directors met and discussed its future action plan in order to move negotiations forward and to support the Common Front.  The ESTA executive will be discussing the proposed action and will contact union reps sometime this week.

Nobody wants a strike, but it’s increasingly looking like this could be a possibility at some point.  At the QPAT table the possibility of seeking a strike mandate is being discussed. Have no fear however since teachers will be consulted beforehand.