Jan 212014

The updated ESTA Constitution is now available online under the “Legal” tab or directly here. The following two changes were made as a result of a referendum held earlier this month in all ESSB schools and centres:

  • A reduction from 7 to 6 Executive members  (eliminating one member-at-large)
  • A quorum of four members for the Executive  (rather than five)
Jan 172014

Following the recent Constitutional referendum on revising the number of ESTA executive members, the results are as follows: 87  votes in favour; 4 votes against. Therefore, the Executive will now consist of six (6) members and an election will be called next week to fill the vacant position. Thank you to all union delegates for conducting the referendum in your schools and centres. Thank you, also, to all those who voted.

Jun 122011

At the recent three-part AGM of our Association, three motions were passed to update our constitution:

  1. Change the definition of “teacher” to reflect the collective agreement.
  2. Change to: “at least one member of the Executive shall be appointed to the positions of PIC representative and at least one member shall be appointed as EPC representative to ensure the legitimacy and effectiveness of said committees.”
  3. Add the following to the duties of the Secretary-Treasurer: “- act as a delegate of ESTA at ESTA’s Annual General  Meetings.”

The updated constitution is now available online here and via the Legal Documents page.