Nov 102016

Today is the last day of the Public Consultation on Educational Success. The survey is seeking opinions to help students achieve their full potential, the mobilization of partners and stakeholders in support of educational success and developing a favourable context for student learning, personal development and success. Those interested in taking part must do so online today:

May 292014

Dear ESTA teachers,

You will soon be receiving a document in the mail at your schools/centres from QPAT concerning our inter-sectorial demands (i.e. salary demands). A second document will also be sent to isolated regions (i.e. Fermont and the Magdalen Islands) concerning regional disparities.

Once you receive a the consultation document, please complete and submit it to your school/centre’s union delegate. The deadline to submit the votes to the ESTA office is June 30, 2014.

Thank you and have a good union day!

May 012013

La Commission scolaire Eastern Shores a débuté une consultation publique concernant la réorganisation de prestation des services pour les écoles suivantes: École primaire Flemming; École secondaire Queen Elizabeth; et Centre d’éducation aux adultes et formation professionnelle Northern Lights. D’autres informations sont disponibles sur le site web

May 012013

The Eastern Shores School Board has undertaken a public consultation on the reorganization of the delivery of services for the following schools: Flemming Elementary School; Queen Elizabeth High School; Northern Lights Adult and Vocational Centre. More information is available on the website