Nov 192012
Dear ESTA colleagues,
As we finish our first term, I know that many of you are planning on attending the annual QPAT Convention in Montreal. By now, your school union delegates should have given you a booklet listing the workshops and an admission coupon.
There are many opportunities for professional development at the annual QPAT Convention, but I would like to invite you to a very special event hosted just for YOU! I hope that you will be able to join me at the New Teacher Welcome Event (see attachment).
Ah! I remember my first QPAT Convention! Alas, I made a monumental mistake. After attending the all-day pre-Conference and the evening workshops, I retired early to my hotel for some much needed sleep and, therefore, missed the keynote speaker. I hope that you will not make the same mistake that I made and will come listen to Josh Freed (and if you’ve still got the energy, there’s a dance afterwards with door prizes!)
Here are a couple of final reminders: make sure to have your authorization to travel forms completed ahead of time AND make sure to save your name tags since you’ll need these to be reimbursed AND have a safe trip to/from Montreal.
I look forward to seeing many of you at the New Teacher Welcome Event at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal this Thursday.

Ray Venables

Oct 222012

For the out-of-province teachers that move to Quebec to work, moving to a new province involves overcoming a lot of red tape in order to have their qualifications recognised. In order to help new teachers “from away” to navigate through the bureaucracy, QPAT has produced a checklist of requirements (in both English and French) in order for teachers “from away” to obtain a brevet or Québec Teaching Permit (QTP).

It is the teacher’s contractual responsibility to submit the required documents without delay in order to become qualified. Sometimes, I’ve noted that new teachers are confused between the documents that they need to provide the school board in connection with their salaries and contracts and the documents that they must provide the MELS in order to become legally qualified in this province. It is important to distinguish between a teacher’s obligations to his/her school board, as the employer, and the MELS.

Of course, new teachers should not forget QPAT’s excellent publication: New Teacher’s Handbook (English | French).

Questions? Please contact Ray Venables, President.

Have a good union day!