Mar 122013

A broad coalition of groups under the banner of Coalition prioritéducation has been formed to demand that the provincial government stop the continued cutbacks in the education budget. This coalition was initiated by the Fédération des comités de parents du Québec (FCPQ), the organization of parents’ committees in the French sector, and many groups have joined this coalition, including QPAT and the other teacher federations in the province, principals’ associations, the school board federations, and parent groups in the English sector.

The coalition has placed a petition on the National Assembly’s website calling for a stop to the cuts in education funding. The text of the petition “Making Public Education a Genuine Priority” is the following:

WHEREAS we want to make public education a genuine national priority for all of Québec;

WHEREAS the budget cuts to education in recent years have had numerous adverse effects on the quality of life in the educational community and have hampered academic perseverance and success;

WHEREAS these cuts have exacerbated social inequality among students and regional communities;

WHEREAS academic perseverance and success are crucial to the development of a healthy, committed and prosperous society;

We, the citizens of Québec, demand that the National Assembly convince the government to cease these cuts and take means to ensure an important and adequate investment in the quality of the education environment in schools so that public education becomes a genuine national priority, capable of meeting the needs of all students.

Teachers in all of QPAT’s local unions are encouraged to sign the petition on the National Assembly’s website at the following address:

It is recommended to use the online petition. However, copies of the petition may be printed from the coalition’s website and returned to the FCPQ. Go to the following site to print a copy; please note that the entire document must be printed without editing. EN.pdf