Dec 182014

Teacher unions where taken aback by the Government’s insulting offer this week. All indications are that there will be an ugly fight between the Liberal Government and its teachers in the new year. Although Liberal leader Philippe Couillard stated that “Education is the best investment of all for the future” on March 10, 2014, it seems that neither the Treasury Board nor Yves Bolduc, Minster of Education, agree.

Read QPAT’s press release here. Ou ici en français.

Read the details of the Government’s offer here. Ou ici en français.

Note: all documents are available on QPAT’s website at

Dec 012014

qpat_logoThe Eastern Shores Teachers Association is represented on two provincial committees of the Quebec Provincial Association of Teachers. Ray Venables, ESTA president and QPAT Treasurer, sits on the Finance and Budget committee. Adele Flowers, ESTA Secretary-Treasurer, belongs to the Human Rights and Social Justice committee. Committee members have a two-year mandate which will end in 2016.

Nov 152014

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Quebec Provincial Association of Teachers. For that reason, attendance is expected to be high; more than 50 teachers from the Eastern Shores School Board have already applied for PIC funding!

One change this year is that there will not be any convention programs sent to schools. Instead, you can view the program online here. Hardcopies of the program will be given to participants at the Palais des Congrès during registration.

Also, please note that a number of pre-convention activities have been cancelled due to a lack of registrations. Please refer to QPAT’s website for an updated list of pre-convention activities and be sure to register early for remaining spaces.

Be sure not to miss this year’s keynote speaker, Rick Hanson. He’s an amazing athlete and an inspirational man who is the only person to circumnavigate the globe in a wheelchair!

Finally, your President, Ray Venables, looks forward to seeing many Eastern Shores teachers at the QPAT social on the evening of Thursday, November 27.

Sep 222014

The annual QPAT convention pre-conference activities are now open for registration. For more details, please visit the QPAT website or ESTA’s website. Print copies of this document will be available in schools and centres soon.

Les activités précongrès de l’APEQ sont maintenant ouvertes pour les inscriptions. Pour plus de détails, s’il vous plaît visitez le site web de l’APEQ ou le site web de l’AEES. Ces document seront disponibles dans les écoles et les centres bientôt.

Sep 222014

rick-headshot-0109Internationally respected Rick Hansen has shown the world that there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome.

Rick Hansen’s Man In Motion World Tour, which raised awareness of the potential of people with disabilities, captured the hearts and minds of millions of people everywhere. Faced with multiple obstacles, from blinding snowstorms to endless mountain ranges and uncompassionate political borders, Rick gave his all, and ultimately emerged triumphant. He is currently the only man in history to have successfully circumnavigated the globe in a wheelchair.

Rick Hansen inspires his audiences to challenge themselves and their organizations in their search to find the courage and commitment to be the best that they can be. He believes that consistently applying fundamental principles enables people to manage change effectively and achieve their goals.

Understanding the significance of the support and mentorship he has received throughout his life, Rick is committed to working with young people to support the development of social responsibility and life skills. He encourages them to be the best that they can be and to believe that anything is possible if they have the courage to try.

Thursday, November 27, 2014 at 8:00 pm
Palais Des Congrès De Montréal

May 292014

Dear ESTA teachers,

You will soon be receiving a document in the mail at your schools/centres from QPAT concerning our inter-sectorial demands (i.e. salary demands). A second document will also be sent to isolated regions (i.e. Fermont and the Magdalen Islands) concerning regional disparities.

Once you receive a the consultation document, please complete and submit it to your school/centre’s union delegate. The deadline to submit the votes to the ESTA office is June 30, 2014.

Thank you and have a good union day!

Dec 032013

QPAT Convention Banner 2013To ensure that the annual QPAT Convention maintains a high level of quality in the future, QPAT is soliciting the feedback of its members. Whether you attended the convention or not and whether or not your experience was positive, teachers are asked to submit their comments through a survey. The survey will be anonymous and the results will not be shared with school boards. The website address to the survey can be obtained through your school/centre’s local union delegate. Thank you for your help.

Nov 132013

qpat_logoSchools and Centres will be conducting a by-election on Monday, November 25, 2013 so that teachers may vote for the QPAT executive positions. The two currently vacant QPAT executive positions are Member-at-large and Treasurer. Please see you school/centre’s union delegate for more information.

Oct 092013

On Monday, October 7 at 6 p.m. the Quebec Association of Teachers (QPAT), the Eastern Shores Teachers Association (ESTA) and the Eastern Shores School Board (ESSB) collaborated in a joint online Governing Board (GB) workshop. This online event was the first of its kind, and its success promises more online workshops in the future.

Ms. Julie Montpetit, QPAT Executive Assistant, presented the workshop and gave an overview of the rules and responsibilities of the school’s Governing Board as defined by the Quebec Education Act.

The GB is a group of people who are interested in promoting their school’s students’ success by interpreting the school’s educational project and its success plan.

Although this presentation was prepared at the request of the Metis Beach Governing Board, requests for future online workshop are welcomed and can be made directly to Ms. Margaret-Ann Cooke, Interim Secretary General.

ESTA would like to thank the Metis Beach Governing Board, the participants of the online workshop, QPAT and ESSB for its roles in making this workshop a reality.

Technical assistance was provided by Ray Venables, ESTA President and the online platform was provided by ESTA.