Mar 092015

Good news! The Directeur général des relations du travail at the MELS has informed us of a 1% salary increase as of March 31, 2015. The increase is linked to clause 6‑4.03 f) of the teacher’s collective agreement.

Dec 182014

Teacher unions where taken aback by the Government’s insulting offer this week. All indications are that there will be an ugly fight between the Liberal Government and its teachers in the new year. Although Liberal leader Philippe Couillard stated that “Education is the best investment of all for the future” on March 10, 2014, it seems that neither the Treasury Board nor Yves Bolduc, Minster of Education, agree.

Read QPAT’s press release here. Ou ici en français.

Read the details of the Government’s offer here. Ou ici en français.

Note: all documents are available on QPAT’s website at

May 292014

Dear ESTA teachers,

You will soon be receiving a document in the mail at your schools/centres from QPAT concerning our inter-sectorial demands (i.e. salary demands). A second document will also be sent to isolated regions (i.e. Fermont and the Magdalen Islands) concerning regional disparities.

Once you receive a the consultation document, please complete and submit it to your school/centre’s union delegate. The deadline to submit the votes to the ESTA office is June 30, 2014.

Thank you and have a good union day!

Dec 112012

As part of our 2010-2015 Collective Agreement, a new formula was added to adjust our salaries upwards if Québec’s nominal gross domestic product (GDP) was favourable (clause 6-4.03  (c)). Well good news! The new salary scales have been produced which include a 0.5% increase retroactive to the 141st workday of the 2011-2012 school year. To view this new pay scale, see this document. At the time of writing this post, no information is available concerning when teachers will receive their retroactive money as a result of this salary increase.

Jun 302012

Dear teachers:

I’d like to wish you all a restful and well-earned summer vacation. I hope that you will take this time to recharge your batteries and come back energized and ready for a new year of challenges.

I’d also like to remind you of your contractual obligations according to clause 5-1.23 of our local agreement: “The teacher must inform the board in writing of any change of address or telephone number.” This is especially important since we are expecting some back pay as of the 141st teaching day (roughly April 1st) as a result of a high GDP (reference: Collective Agreement clause 6-4.03 c). Obviously, the school board can’t pay you if you’ve moved away and you haven’t provided your current contact information.

Have a good summer break!

Sep 292011

Good news! On today’s pay, teachers should have received an adjustment and retro pay dating back to January 1, 2011 as a result of Salary Equity. Consequently, the salary scales have also changed (for the better) as can be seen in this memo sent to schools and centres today.

Teachers who worked after December 31, 2011 but are no longer employed by ESSB should contact the school board to receive the money that is due to them.