Aug 162016

The Federal Liberal Government introduced a tax deduction for the purchase of school materials by teachers. So this year, remember to keep copies of receipts for any items that you purchase in connection with teaching and preparing your classroom for the new school year — they may be useful when you file your annual income tax!

For more information concerning eligible, tax-deductable expenses, please visit the Canada Revenue Agency’s website:


Oct 052014

Today is an important day day for education. World Teachers’ Day’s aim is to mobilize support for teachers an to ensure that future generations continue to benefit from a quality education delivered by teachers. On behalf of ESTA, we wish to thank all teachers for their contributions.

Feb 042013
TeacherAppreciation2013Dear Teachers,

Each year, the first week of February is a time to take a moment to express our gratitude to teachers everywhere for their essential roles and their contributions to society. Through your perseverance, students of all ages have the opportunity to learn a variety of skills and knowledge. But teaching is also an art — an immeasurable competency, in my opinion.  The ability to inspire and help our students believe in themselves is perhaps never fully recognized by those who do not work in the education field.

Please accept the attached, virtual card of thanks, and I invite you to share the following link with your school/centre administrator and PPO/Home & School organizations:

Have a great teaching week,


May 052012

La Fédération des syndicats de l’enseignement (FSE-CSQ) and its affiliated unions, in collaboration with the Quebec Provincial Association of teachers (QPAT-APEQ), recently launched a campaign to enhance the value of the teaching profession I teach, I prepare the future. This campaign aims to highlight the passion, the competence and the dedication that teachers demonstrate on a daily basis. Visit their website here and if you know a celebrity who would like to add their voice to the campaign, please send me an email.


Feb 152010

On behalf of ESTA, your work is much appreciated!