Sep 172015


Tonight, the teachers of the Eastern Shores Teachers Association have vote IN FAVOUR of a bank of six (6) strike days, to be carried out as part of the Common Front.



YES VOTES:                           110 (91%)

NO VOTES:                            11 (9%)

SPOILED BALLOTS:            1

Sep 142015

On Monday, September 14, 2015, the ESTA Board of Directors were briefed on the lack of progress at the provincial negotiations table. The Board of Directors voted unanimously to conduct a general vote of the membership in order to obtain a legal strike mandate.

The general vote will occur at the same time in all schools and centres within the Eastern Shores territory. Each union delegate will conduct a vote by secret ballot in his/her school following an online presentation by Ray Venables, ESTA President.

DATE: Thursday, September 17, 2015
TIME: 4 p.m.
LOCATION: ESSB schools and centres
For more information, please ask your school/centre’s union delegate.

May 292014

Dear ESTA teachers,

You will soon be receiving a document in the mail at your schools/centres from QPAT concerning our inter-sectorial demands (i.e. salary demands). A second document will also be sent to isolated regions (i.e. Fermont and the Magdalen Islands) concerning regional disparities.

Once you receive a the consultation document, please complete and submit it to your school/centre’s union delegate. The deadline to submit the votes to the ESTA office is June 30, 2014.

Thank you and have a good union day!

Apr 292014

Clause 8-5.01 of the Collective Agreement states that “A teacher’s work year shall comprise 200 workdays and, unless there is an agreement to the contrary between the board and the union, it shall begin on September 1 and end on the following June 30.” It is generally agreed that an agreement to begin the school year earlier than September 1st is advantageous to teachers and students since it allows for more breaks throughout the year. Therefore, clause 8-5.02 (a) of our local agreement states that “The union and the board shall meet prior to May 1st of each school year to commence negotiations on the placement of the work days for the following school year.  The process should be finalized by May 15th.”

As a result of the consultation in eleven (11) of ESSB’s school (i.e. those that ESSB has its own bussing service) and the subsequent vote for next year’s school calendar, the results are the following:

Calendar 1:          35 Votes
Calendar 2:          17 Votes
Calendar 3:          14 Votes
Calendar 4:          19 Votes

Therefore, the ESTA negotiating team will meet with ESSB next week to negotiate calendar 1. Thank you to all those who participated in this democratic process.

Apr 232013

calendarVoting for the 2013-2014 is well underway in the following schools:

  • Belle Anse
  • Bonaventure Polyvalente
  • Entry Island
  • Escuminac
  • Gaspe Elementary
  • Gaspe Polyvalente
  • Grosse Ile
  • Metis Beach
  • New Carlisle
  • New Richmond
  • Shigawake-Port Daniel

Please see you school’s union delegate for voting details that must be conducted before Friday, April 26 at 5 p.m.

Oct 132011

Dear ESTA Members,

On August 31, September 20 and September 26, 2011 the members of your negotiating team met with our counterparts from the Eastern Shores School Board to carry out local negotiations.

The members of the ESTA team were Gordon Dell, 2nd Member-at-Large; Nelson Roussy, 1st Vice-President; and Ray Venables, President.

The members of the ESSB team were Howard Miller, Assistant Director General, and Suzanne Ward, Director of Finance. (At times, Ken Ward and Louise Jones also participated in the discussion.)

Negotiations went exceptionally well. All participants conducted themselves in a cordial, calm, professional, business-like manner. This was my first experience with Local Negotiations and I was impressed that it went so smoothly. A spirit of cooperation prevailed.

Despite the fact that the Provincial Collective Agreement had not yet been translated into English, we were able to meet early and adopt a short timeline to mirror the provincial negotiations that took place in the Spring of 2011.

For our own part, our demands were not great — a reflection of our general satisfaction with our current Local Agreement. ESTA’s demands were formulated through consultation with the membership in May 2011. Following that, the ESTA negotiating team met on June 2, 2011 to sift through our current Agreement and to draft our demands. I believe that we have been successful in achieving the changes we sought and in preserving the rights won for us by our predecessors during past negotiations.

At the conclusion of our negotiations, ESSB and ESTA have reached an Agreement in Principle. This means that both parties have agreed to abide by and implement the new Agreement pending ratification by their memberships. This document is available through your school/centre’s union delegate and should be posted on your union bulletin board (an electronic version is available upon request).

Except for revisions of dates, names, and general “tidying up”, the other articles, clauses, and letters of agreement contained in our Local Agreement and not mentioned in the summary document remain unchanged.

Here is the timeline for conducting the general vote on the Agreement in Principle: October 11 – 21: Members should review the Agreement in Principle. Please ask your union delegate if you need any clarification. October 24 – 27: Vote is conducted in the schools. Your union delegate will determine the best time and date for your school/centre. Week of October 31, 2011: Results of the General Vote.

On October 6, the ESTA Executive met to review the Agreement in Principle. On behalf of the negotiating team and the ESTA Executive, we urge the members of ESTA to endorse the Agreement in Principle.


Ray Venables