Oct 092013

On Monday, October 7 at 6 p.m. the Quebec Association of Teachers (QPAT), the Eastern Shores Teachers Association (ESTA) and the Eastern Shores School Board (ESSB) collaborated in a joint online Governing Board (GB) workshop. This online event was the first of its kind, and its success promises more online workshops in the future.

Ms. Julie Montpetit, QPAT Executive Assistant, presented the workshop and gave an overview of the rules and responsibilities of the school’s Governing Board as defined by the Quebec Education Act.

The GB is a group of people who are interested in promoting their school’s students’ success by interpreting the school’s educational project and its success plan.

Although this presentation was prepared at the request of the Metis Beach Governing Board, requests for future online workshop are welcomed and can be made directly to Ms. Margaret-Ann Cooke, Interim Secretary General.

ESTA would like to thank the Metis Beach Governing Board, the participants of the online workshop, QPAT and ESSB for its roles in making this workshop a reality.

Technical assistance was provided by Ray Venables, ESTA President and the online platform was provided by ESTA.

Nov 182012

On Thursday, November 15, I gave a presentation (with a little help from Jean-Paul Fossey, QPAT Executive Assistant) concerning online privacy at the Canadian Teachers’ National Staff Meeting in Ottawa, Ontario. As many of my colleagues know, I am a passionate advocate of the potential of educational technology when integrated in the classroom. However, the use of technology is a double-edged sword and the message that I wanted to convey was that there is an inherent danger for teachers who allow their private lives to become public since it may impact on their professional lives. Teachers must be especially careful when using email and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

If you’d like to view my presentation, you can see it here. Otherwise, I strongly recommend the excellent CTF Cybertips resource.

-Ray Venables