Aug 262017

Maximum class sizes range depending on both the grade level that you teach, the school you teach in and the number of special needs students that you have with codes, for full details on the weighting of coded students check with your school’s union representative. Certain schools have lower maximum class sizes because they are a disadvantaged school, these schools are Belle Anse, SPDS, Riverview, Grosse Ile, Gaspe Elementary, Escuminac, St. Pat’s and Flemming.

Grade Level Maximum/Average Maximum/Average

Disadvantaged school

PreK 17/14 17/14
Kindergarten 19/17 19/17
Grade 1 22/20 20/18
Grade 2 24/22 20/18
Grade 3 26/24 20/18
Grade 4 26/24 20/18
Grade 5 26/24 20/18
Grade 6 26/24 20/18
Secondary 1 28/26
Secondary 2 29/27
Secondary 3 32/30
Secondary 4 32/30
Secondary 5 32/30

***Note the maximums for PreKindergarten and Kindergarten change when they are combined and PreKindergarten are there all day.  Contact your union for more information.

***In a combined class use the average (the second number) as the maximum.

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