Dec 012014

qpat_logoThe Eastern Shores Teachers Association is represented on two provincial committees of the Quebec Provincial Association of Teachers. Ray Venables, ESTA president and QPAT Treasurer, sits on the Finance and Budget committee. Adele Flowers, ESTA Secretary-Treasurer, belongs to the Human Rights and Social Justice committee. Committee members have a two-year mandate which will end in 2016.

Apr 222013

The Nominations Committee (comprised of Christine Piercey and Pamela Patterson) have declared the elected candidates to the Executive for the 2013-2014 term to be:

  • Ray Venables – President (acclaimed)
  • Adele Flowers – Secretary-Treasurer (acclaimed)
  • Vacant – 1st Member-at-Large

Congratulations to the above candidates for their appointments to the Executive of the Eastern Shores Teachers Association. As a result, the ESTA Executive now consists of the following people:

  1. Ray Venables, President
  2. Nelson Roussy, 1st Vice-President
  3. Jean Francois Arbour, 2nd Vice-President
  4. Adele Flowers, Secretary – Treasurer
  5. Vacant, 1st Member-at-Large
  6. Gillian Garrett, 2nd Member-at-Large
  7. Erin Ross, 3rd Member-at-Large

Although there was some interest by a number of teachers for the 1st Member-at-Large position, the Nominations Committee did not receive any election statements before today’s 3 p.m. deadline.

Mar 102013
online-surveysDear ESTA teachers,
QPAT has requested volunteers from teachers throughout the province to conduct a survey on the topic of professional autonomy. Overall, 535 teachers will be surveyed provincially; ESTA has been asked to forward the names of twenty-five (25) teacher volunteers.
I would like to invite all ESTA teachers to participate in this survey. The online form can be found here:
All interested parties should complete the registration form before March 15, 2013.
Thank you for your interest and have a good union day!

Ray Venables, President